History of advertisements in India

How long do you think advertisements date back when it comes to India? 100 years? 200 years? To be honest, Advertising Agencies have been under operation for more than 300 years in this nation. Our country is worthy to be investigated for its rich history with its Marketing agency services:

  • The first documented advertisement was found in a weekly newspaper called Bengal Gazette and through other classified advertisements.
  • Studios were setup for stopping imports and household large ad display networks started to rise.
  • Newspapers started to hire illustrators, designers and writers to post advertisements
  • Branding agency came out through major retailers like Spencer’s, Army & Navy and Whiteaway & Laidlaw.
  • Television channels started to make a name in India and popular spot for advertisers.
  • Maggi, Vicks and many known magazines started to become popular through adverts.
  • Patented medicines were born and advertisements were a proof of its legitimacy.
  • В Dattaram & Co is considered the oldest marketing agency since its conception in 1905.
  • Slowly, foreign ad agencies started to appear in India by mid-20th century.
  • All India Radio became the most popular radio channel in India.
  • By late 70’s, the first TV commercials started to appear in Indian TV channels.
  • By the mid to late 80’s, more than 900 products started to appear in television.
  • MUDRA becomes the first advertisement school in India.
  • Internet started to boom by the late 90’s and the world witnessed the dot com bubble.
  • Advertisement through internet was picking up its pace for globalization

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History of advertisements in India

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