Difference between branding and marketing

Making a mistake while differentiating between branding, marketing and advertising is not uncommon for many professionals. Yet it is wrong to consider it as a passable proposition for them to not able to know how they differ when it comes to their applications.

Branding company can’t bothered with all of marketing and advertising work, although the correlation between them exists.

Let’s first find out the differences between all these terms


Management process which enables connectivity between firms and customers in order to activate the chain of exchanges and services between them. Operations among marketing processes include:

  • Discovering the product
  • Developing the product
  • Selling the product
  • Advertising the product.

It can be considered as the umbrella term which involves advertising and branding as well.


A part of market communication responsible for sponsoring formal messages for product service or idea promotion to divert attention of the audience. Operations among advertising processes include:

  • Television promotions
  • Social media promotions
  • Radio promotions
  • Newspaper and magazine promotion

It is meant create awareness about the product and service, and can be true and false in its nature


Management process involving logo creation, slogan designing,product differentiation and service distinction using marketing and advertising techniques. Operations among branding processes include:

  • Building trust
  • Building impact
  • Reputation maintenance
  • Value creation
  • Customer attraction

So what are the key differences between marketing and branding?

  • Marketing is about the message, branding is about the identity
  • Branding precedes marketing
  • Marketing makes you the owner, branding makes the customers the owner
  • Marketing is meant to create attention, branding is supposed to maintain it
  • Marketing equals tactic, branding equals strategy

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Difference between branding and marketing

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