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Every business who works with the public, must communicate with the public at some point. As a functioning company, it not possible for an organization to explain their business to the world & that’s where public relations agencies come in. A PR Agency will utilize a variety of methods to become an effective face and voice for the client it represents. Before a PR agency can get out the message on behalf of a client, it must find out what that message is. The staff of PR Agency sits down with their clients at the beginning of a relationship to find out everything they can about their operations.


For exchanging information of all clients, PR agencies in India establish protocol so that the agency never misses a chance to present new developments to the public. One of the most important basic products that come out of PR agencies in Delhi is the press release, information about the company that is given to news agencies for publication. Media houses like to have press releases, especially on slow news days, because it means less work to fill space in the paper. So, if you also want to touch the heights of success then immediately get in touch with the leading PR Agency in Mumbai – For more Information


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Public Relation professionals shape an organization’s image. It helps in transforming brand’s negative market image into positive one as they improve all negative aspects efficiently. They shape the brand, spread the organization’s message and minimize the effect of negative publicity. At a small company, the PR person may have to handle all the roles – media contact person, the deflector of criticism – themselves. At bigger firms or big PR firms, staffers can have more specialized roles to handle different organizational needs.


Every business and individual who works with the public must communicate with the public at some point. If we talk genuinely, it’s not ideal for a party to split its resources between its primary business and explaining that business to the world — that’s where public relations agencies come in. Several PR and Ad agencies in Mumbai India worth its salt will utilize a variety of methods to become an effective face and voice for the client it represents.


PR Companies aids in enhancing and building reputation of an organization through media. A worth company can first analyze the organization, finds positive message and convert those messages into successful media stories. The company’s brand savior first tries to understand what client wants and then according to client’s requirement, PR agency in Mumbai i.e Flags Communications starts its research work about company. Such marketing strategies help in changing negative perceptions about the company and try to make trustworthy image of company. These companies apply numerous tactics to build the reputation of the company but the most commonly used method is media. Therefore, if you are also looking for PR Agencies then immediately get in touch with the leading PR and Advertising agency Mumbai –

PR Agency in Delhi- Opportunities of Public Relations as a career

Public relation is all about maintaining relations with your clients. Delhi, being a media hub has a strong association with all major media houses. The role of a PR agency is to shape a positive opinion about a brand.

Being the media hub, Delhi has the potential for brands to reach out to their audience. India has witnessed a huge scope in public relations over the last two decades. PR agencies work for capital market communications, CSR, Content and media relations. They have a wide range of clients in various sectors like fashion, personal-care and education.

Here we bring you a list of PR agencies that will help your organization during the crisis and in shaping a positive opinion.

These above-mentioned PR agencies have their offices in other metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. With the blend of industry experts from the media, these firms are known for creating PR plans and executing them with eases.

Flags Communications is one the prominent creative agencies in Delhi that provides various strategies like digital marketing, public relations and brand management. But their PR department is among the most sought-after department as they offer all the niche services in this field. It is also considered one of the most recognized PR agencies in Delhi that offers strategic tactics to the clients who want to bring their brand into limelight. Today, PR agencies know how to create content, so the next step is to provide social media and search services.

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PR agencies will try to understand their client’s demand

Public relations is about changing negative perceptions and telling customers about new product or services. The primary goal of a PR agency is to maintain a positive rapport with people who matter, like clients, investors and public-on a whole. A PR agency creates a communication plan considering a position in the market, PR strategy and methods used. There are numerous tactics used by PR agencies, the most common of them all is media relations. The PR agency works with the client to create content, from press releases, blog posts and case studies.

PR agencies know how to create content and to offer social media services. From running Facebook campaigns to managing Twitter feeds, PR agencies work to improve client’s website ranking. Here we bring you a list of PR agencies that will help your organization during the crisis and in shaping a positive opinion.

  1. Flags Communications
  2. Ogilvy Public Relations
  3. Burson Marsteller
  4. V Spark Communications

If you are searching for a PR agency in Delhi for brand promotion or create awareness about any service, they help in promotion via editorial coverage. They help in getting coverage’s in newspapers and websites that are much more authentic and gives more value as compared to ‘paid media’ advertisements. Flags Communications is among the leading PR agencies in Delhi owing to provide quality PR services and strategies. Enhancing visibility, creating strategic messages and positioning companies, an efficient PR firm does it all.

A PR and Advertising agency comprises a team of strategists, web developers and campaign activators to create impactful work. Their main job is to provide expertise through corporate social responsibility, crisis management and looking after image management. A full-service PR agency provides customized solutions and works on original ideas. Merging traditional PR practices with new age and effective customer relations, an agency is therefore able to build trust.

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Understanding their business and functions

Advertising agencies work on various strategies to create marketing campaigns crafted according to the needs of the clients. They can range from mid-segment agencies to corporates with departments like market research, account management and graphic designing. Their major task is to work with the client, gather information and pitch ideas for their campaign. Advertising agencies have gone beyond launching and developing print and radio advertisements. Their role has become vast, as they do social media, mailers, provide branding and marketing strategies and develop a content strategy. Earlier the agencies were only into conceptualizing campaign ideas and executing production and media.

If you are searching for an advertising agency for promoting your brand, here is a list of advertising agencies in Chandigarh that offer guidance on the basis of their expertise.

  1. Crayons Advertising
  2. Flags Communications
  3. Adwintage
  4. BR Advertising Service
  5. Ascent Advertising

An advertising agency in Chandigarh provides strategies like digital marketing, media buying and branding strategy. They have various clients from different industries like healthcare, lifestyle, education, business and tourism. For example, if you have seen the advertisement of brands like Pepsi and McDonalds, they are today where they are. Through constant republishing and marketing, the media has popularized the brand. People see and listen to those advertisements multiple times that it gets in their muscle memory and tend to buy that product.

The target audience is large, whether you are advertising on social media, print or radio. Advertising and PR Agencies like Flags Communications have its business spread over in different cities like New Delhi and Bengaluru. They have established themselves as a result-driven advertising agency that helps in bringing a tremendous change through digital marketing, public relations and content.

A well-executed advertisement can do really well and make your brand a household name. Advertising in media drives the business globally. For more Information

Reach To The Heights of Success by Opting for Flags Communications

Advertising is one of the highly competitive industries that occupy a crucial position in most of the developing and developed economies.  Since, there are excess of brands exiting in the market, the need to inform, persuade and convince the customer is becoming increasingly important. And, this is the time when advertising agency comes into the picture. An Advertising Agency is a service provider that works for clients to create an efficient and goal-oriented advertising campaign aimed at representing the Company positively in the eyes of its target customers. The role of Advertising agencies is to ensure that whether the advertisement has been circulated at opted time or not, it buys place for advertisement and sells it to advertiser. In last, in-house agency, which is good as full service agency works for only one client, everything they do from websites, television and direct mail is just for one brand.

What is creative Agency?

Before, we talk about creative agency in Bangalore, let’s just first understand what is creative agency? Any company, which provides a wide range of creative services including combinatio

n of strategy, design and technology to their clients, is known as creative agency. Creative agencies generally include creative professionals. There are several advertising agencies in Bangalore, but if we have to pick one agency, then Flags Communications comes on top in the list of top creative agency and PR agency in Bangalore because the company provides a wide range of services to its clients ranging from making marketing strategies to creating visuals and oversee media buying and advertising campaign planning. Mostly, agencies follow numerous tactics to build the reputation of company but the most commonly used method in this process is media. Some of the methods, which PR agency uses, are press release, articles, blog posts & research.

So, stop wasting time in running behind the fake advertising agency and immediately get in touch with the Flags Communications.

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Understanding the scope of Public Relations as a career in Bangalore

creative agency

Do you like meeting new people, sharing ideas with your client or writing other than advertising then, public relations is the best career option for you. Most companies and individuals hire a PR agency when they have to build or enhance their reputation through media. Among the best PR agencies in Bangalore, Flags Communications is one of the leading organization providing best PR services.

Why Flags Communications for Public Relations?

Formed in 2008, Flags Communications has emerged as one of the trusted PR agency with its business in different cities and vivid clients from various domains.

Flags Communications is an INS integrated marketing communication agency providing 360 degree solution in public relations, advertising and branding. The main purpose of public relations is to strengthen community relations with their client for maintaining the credibility of their business.

Being one of the leading creative agencies in Bangalore, Flags Communications offers end to end communications to its client, individual political party or agencies. The organisation understands their requirements and plans out an effective PR drive after an analysis.

PR Services provided by Flags Communications

Being one of the reputed agencies, Flags Communications provide multi-channel communication nodes across India through the strong network along with an integrated approach. Bangalore, being an IT hub, the organization has a huge potential for its clients to improve their visibility.

Given below here’s a rundown of the services:

a) Internal Communications  
  • Business Partnering
  • Employee Communication
  • Message Distribution
    b) External Communications
  • Strategic Planning
  • Campaign Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Press Conferences
  • Media Invites
  • Media Kit
c) Media Management
d) Corporate Liasoning

With more than ten years of experience in the PR industry, Flags Communications has ventured into traditional, non-traditional and digital mediums.

Keeping this approach in mind, the organization has live up to the expectation of its clients and therefore it is among the best advertising agency in Bangalore.

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How a PR Agency Helps a Brand

If people are talking about a company, this is the biggest achievement for a brand. An advertisement communicates a fixed message for a brand for which it has paid huge amount whereas, public relations creates an objective conversation about a company for a fraction of the cost. As compared to an advertorial message, an editorial message has more impact on customers. An advertising message lends no credibility to your band, whereas an editorial message is independently verified by a trusted third party and is a thousand times more valuable.

If you are still thinking that why you need a PR agency then here are some of the reasons in which a PR agency can help you.

  1. Compete your competitor
  2. Building brand recognition
  3. Stay relevant
  4. Bridge the language with journalists
  5. Increase your ROI

PR Agencies in ChandigarhThere are many brands that will convince themselves by saying that, since sales are up, there is no need to hire a PR firm. However, this is not the valid reasons. You can compare with major brand and you will find that they possess a PR agency or dedicated public relations person in-house.

Large organizations understand that things can go bad and they need to be prepared to respond to any negative media story. And this is not possible without a PR firm. If you remove the PR from the equation you are no longer relevant, you are not building brand recognition, and you are certainly not standing up against your competitors.

Seeking this, if you are looking for PR agencies in Chandigarh for your brand then Flags Communications is the place for you. The company offers 360 degree customized solutions for their clients based on their needs. Being a top PR agency in Chandigarh, the company believes that PR is beyond building relations.